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It has been said that “the only true language in the world, is a kiss” and nowhere in the world is this more true than in France.

Whether you’re looking for a perfect way to spend your honeymoon, searching for an unforgettable proposal setting, celebrating an anniversary or simply a romantic getaway, Nerida and Thierry hand craft unforgettable experiences, no matter your preferences.

From the artistic quarter of Montmartre in Paris, to private Champagne tastings and the lovely gardens and romantic châteaux of the Loire Valley, France offers authentic and unforgettable experiences that are unlike anywhere else in the world.

Ritzy Experience will entirely customise your luxury romantic tours, combining all the most romantic sights and experiences available, so that lovers can visit elegant Châteaux, go shopping in Paris’ world-renowned fashion boutiques, enjoy romantic dinners and relax in exquisite accommodation without the need to worry about the mundane aspects of trip organisation.


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Built in 1778, the Temple de l’Amour (the Temple of Love) stands in the middle of the field of Versailles and was commissioned by Marie Antoinette. Couples from all over the world visit the site to propose to each other or to renew their vows.

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